Al Quran (Mushaf Madinah) 2.1

Source:eAlim Technology Limited

Qur'an with special font of Mushaf Madinah (Saudi Official Quran).

★ Al Quran (Mushaf Al-Madinah Style)

★ Al-Qur'an with special font of Mushaf Al-Madinah (Saudia Official Quran). First time on Android, "real" print style text display with Translation in 39 languages and 7 Qari Audio.

✓ Madinah Printed Quran Font Style
✓ No scan-pages. Real clear font display
✓ Text Zoom In/Out
✓ Unlimited Bookmarking
✓ Ayah Repeat Option
✓ Change Text/Background Colour
✓ Easy and fast Surah Index List
✓ Surah details like Para, Maki/Madni, Total Ayah, Ruku etc.
✓ Option to view only Arabic, only Translation or Both
✓ GoTo option for direct jump to any Surah:Ayah
✓ Hide Android Notification bar
✓ Hide Surah Slide bar
✓ Full Display option (Hide Tool bar)
✓ Display in both Portrait & Landscape

★ Verse by verse synchronised recitation audio in voice of 7 Qari:
✓ Ahmed Al Ajmi
✓ Ali Al-Hothaify
✓ Maher Moeqali
✓ Mohammad Ayoub
✓ Saad Al-Ghamdi
✓ Sheikh Sudais
✓ Waheed Zafar Qasmi (With Urdu Audio)

★ Translation in 39 Languages include:
✓ Albanian, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Czeck (česky), Swahili,
✓ Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Uzbek, Azerbaijani
✓ English (Dr Mohsin), English (Pickthal), English (Yousaf)
✓ English, Indonesian, Malay (Malaysia), Dutch (Nederlands)
✓ French (Français), German (Deutsch), Italian, Finnish
✓ Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Maranao (Philippine)
✓ Russian, Somali (Somalia), Spanish, Swedish
✓ Transliteration, Turkish (Türkiye), Tatar, Hausa
✓ Bangla (Bangladesh), Urdu (Pakistan)
✓ Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi (India), Portuguese

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